World Tourism Network Indonesia’s new dream team has a president: Mudi Astuti

On February 1, the new Indonesian chapter of the Global Tourism Network is expected to have a big impact in reviving the travel and tourism industry in the Republic of Indonesia. Mudi Astuti has been a household name in Indonesian tourism for many years. She loves tourism and she loves her country, and she will have an impact on the recovery of this important sector in her ASEAN island country.

From the god-dominating Hindu island known as Bali to the capital Jakarta, Indonesia is not only the most populous country in ASEAN.

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It consists of over 17,000 islands, including Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, and parts of Borneo and New Guinea.

The largest Muslim country in the world is not in the Middle East, but it is Indonesia.
Indonesia is one of the most diverse travel and tourism destinations in the world.

Indonesia also occupies a special place in the development of the eTurboNews group, founder of the World Tourism Network.

eTurboNews started in Indonesia in 1999 as the first online special purpose travel and tourism news feed. During the era of US travel advisories, eTurboNews had a mandate to educate the US travel industry on the geography and diversity of travel and tourism destinations in Indonesia.

When eTurboNews started, he worked under the Indonesian Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) and represented Indonesian tourism in the United States and Canada for the late Hon. Minister of Tourism Ardika.

Mudi Astuti was the liaison between the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the ICTP.

Today Mudi Astuti was appointed by the Global Tourism Network to chair the new WTN chapter in Indonesia.

WTN Chairman Juergen Steinmetz said, “I am very pleased that WTN has appointed Mudi Astuti as Chairman of WTN Indonesia. I am even more excited to work with my “old” friend Mudi on this important project to involve Indonesia in our discussion of world reconstruction trips. If anyone can put this together, it’s Mudi!
I’m sure she’ll be able to put together a dream team.

Mudi Astuti replied, “My vision for WTN Indonesia is the opportunity to integrate a global network for stronger local recovery. I can’t wait to introduce you to my team. I am also thrilled to work with friends like Juergen to make this happen for my country.

Mudi Astuti has been involved in the media and advertising industry for 25 years.

She began her career as a commercial advertising manager and then director of sales and marketing for PT. Indo multimedia. She was in charge of travel industry and travel lifestyle publications.

She then joined FCB-CIS Advertising as Trade Marketing Director, managing strategic trade marketing campaigns for Indonesian tourism in 7 major countries.

She then owned PT. EMDI MEDIA KOMUNIKASI also publishes Indonesia’s best-known Travel Lifestyle magazine, ISLAND LIFE.

In 2006, MudiAstuti expanded her business with an advertising agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bloomingdale Worldwide Partners, to become Managing Director of SC Bloomindale Indonesia.

She has been actively involved in promoting Indonesian tourism abroad. For five years, she was a board member of Indonesia Malaysia Business Council (IMBC) under KADIN National (KamarDagangIndonesia) and chaired by Bp. TanriAbengfor.

She has served as media and communication manager for several tourism organizations including MPI (Masyarakat Pariwisata Indonesia) and the national standards body under MASTAN (MasyarakatStandarisasiNasional).

She joined PT. AgungSedayuto is developing a tourism school, namely ASTA (Agung Sedayu Tourism Academy)

It continues with the media, communication, and promotes SMEs, Small Medium Enterprises.

His passion for communication, sharing, learning and interpersonal relationships make him understand how to build communication strategies between industry players.

She is a speaker and has appeared on talk shows on small and medium-sized businesses, investment trading and tourism events.

For more information on the Global Tourism Network, how to become a member and its discussion on Reconstruction Travel, go to and

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