WestMoney loan test – See our Thorn loan test and experience

WestMoney loan test – See our Thorn loan test and experience

If you need a little extra money for a trip, renovation of the house or similar, then consumer loans may be the right solution. Here you can borrow exactly what you want, and you can have the money in your account in one day.

Today, there are a large number of lenders in Norway offering consumer loans. One of these is WestMoney Privat Finans, which since 1970 has offered financing to individuals. Here you can read more about the terms and prices that WestMoney can offer you.


What does a consumer loan at WestMoney cost?

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One of the things most people are interested in when choosing consumer loans is the price. It is an advantage to search several different companies in order to compare the offers and thus choose the best one. That way you can save a lot of money. You can apply to as many people as you want, since applying for a consumer loan is always free and without obligation.

At WestMoney Privat Finans you have the opportunity to choose from three different solutions. If you choose Private Loan Plus, you get the following prices and possibilities:

  • Loans between $ 10,000 – 100,000
  • Choose your repayment period from 12-72 months
  • Ability to pause installments
  • The opportunity to fulfill whenever you want

WestMoney Privat Finans has a form on the website, which you fill out to submit your application. They then make a credit assessment, on which they base your loan offer. You can expect to receive answers within one hour of the company’s opening hours. As mentioned, it is completely free and non-binding, so you do not have to decide 100% for WestMoney as a lender until you apply.

If you want to apply for Private Loan Plus with WestMoney, then they have two requirements that you must meet:

  • You must be 20 years of age
  • You cannot have any payment notes

So most people can apply for a loan here. You will receive a reply by phone or email, where you can see the final loan offer that the company can offer you. Here you see, among other things, the amount, the repayment period and the effective interest rate. If you choose to accept this offer (after you have compared to others), you sign electronically with BankID. The money will then be deposited into your account, so you have it by the day after.


What are the benefits of choosing WestMoney?

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WestMoney Private Finance thus offers you consumer loans without collateral, up to $ 100,000. They have many options, which make the loan very flexible for you. You can repay the entire loan whenever you want or pause your repayments. And you can choose your monthly benefit yourself by adjusting the repayment period and loan amount. It gives you great freedom and flexibility for your consumer loan, so you can certainly put it together to suit your needs.

There are very few requirements to apply for WestMoney. Based on your information and your finances, they make a credit assessment. Based on this, they can choose to say that they will not offer you a loan if they believe it will be negative for your finances.

In this way, WestMoney offers responsible financing, which also considers the customer’s best interests. At the same time, they always advise you to set a budget before taking out a loan – and that is a piece of advice you should definitely follow. On the homepage you can read some good financial advice before submitting your application.

At WestMoney you also have the opportunity to choose a variety of loan types so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Visit the website to read more about the different products. Here you can also submit your application in minutes and get answers to what WestMoney Privat Finans can offer you.