“Vegetable prices have increased by 10 to 20 tak per kg”

Fish and vegetable markets in Sylhet have become unstable due to the 48-hour freight transport strike in the area.

Owners and workers are observing the strike for the second consecutive day today, demanding the removal of the ban on extracting stones from the Sylhet quarry and also permission to lift stones manually.

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The Sylhet Divisional Truck, Pickup Van and Covered Van Owners-Workers Unity Council imposed the strike at 6am yesterday (October 31, 2022).

The strike did not leave much of an impact on commodity prices yesterday as trucks carrying essentials for the day entered the city ahead of the strike.

Yesterday transport workers were seen standing with sticks at every entrance to the city and preventing all types of goods vehicles including trucks, vans, covered vans from entering Sylhet.

Visiting Bandarbazar, Amberkhana, Tilagarh, Madina Market and Osmani Medical College yesterday and today, our correspondent found that vegetables and fish were sold at higher prices due to lack of supply in the market.

Bilal Hossain, a trader from Lalbazar in Bandarbazar, told the Daily Star: “Although the price of fish went up a little yesterday, the price went up more today as there is almost no supply of fish. in the retail market. the price.”

Ashik Ali, a vegetable vendor at Amberkhana Bazar, said, “No vegetables were delivered to the wholesale market today, so the price is high. Some of the vegetables come from around the city and they are sold at a higher price. . The price of almost all vegetables has increased by at least 10-20 Tk per kg.

Abdur Rahim, a resident of Baluchar district of the city, said: “Usually we buy vegetables from the vendors every morning, but not a single vendor came today.

When contacted, Sabbir Ahmed Faiz, Organizing Secretary of the Sylhet District Truck Owners Association, said: “Our transport strike will continue until tomorrow morning. The meeting with the administration which took place before the strike was not fruitful. government or administration. We will sit at 4 p.m. today and decide on the next course of action. “

He also said that no goods transport vehicles were allowed to enter the town of Sylhet since 6am yesterday.

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