Transport of goods: one strike ends, another always


The group of bosses and workers in freight transport, which has been on a 72-hour strike since Tuesday, withdrew its program yesterday.

“We withdrew our abstention from work following a fruitful meeting with the Minister of the Interior at the secretariat today [yesterday]”Mohammed Monir, one of the main leaders of the platform that imposed the strike, told Daily Star Talukder.

However, another group of owners and freight transport workers, which had announced to impose a 48-hour strike from Monday, did not withdraw its program until yesterday.

Bangladesh Covered-Van, Truck, Prime Mover Goods Transportation Owners Association and Bangladesh Truck Drivers Workers Federation called a 72-hour strike on August 28 to assert their 15-point demand.

Their demands include the abolition of the “extra” income tax, the issuance of “heavy vehicle permits” to those who directly drive heavy vehicles (currently a driver must obtain a light vehicle license, then a license to drive heavy vehicles. medium vehicles

before obtaining a license for heavy vehicles) and the amendments to the Law on Road Transport-2018.

The strike has interrupted the operation of the transport of goods from the main sea and land ports since Tuesday morning.

Monir, president of the Bangladesh Truck Drivers Workers Federation, said the Home Secretary agreed to stick to their 14 points and asked for time to meet with another – regarding the removal of the extra income tax.

A feud between two major factions of road transport owners and workers led to two separate strikes by vehicles loaded with goods being called within a week.

Although their demands are almost the same, they still call different platforms ‘forbearance from work’ simply because they are locked in a long-standing dispute.

On August 25, the Bangladesh Truck-Covered Van, Tank Truck, Prime Mover Owners and Workers’ Coordination Council called for a 48-hour abstention from September 27 to assert their 10-point demand.

Their demands include the withdrawal of murder cases against drivers under Article 302 of the Criminal Code for traffic accidents, the resolution of complexities related to the driving license, the abolition of withholding income tax ” additional “and allow them to update their vehicle documents without having to pay a fine amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Contacted, Rustam Ali Khan, host of the platform, said the Home Secretary would hold a meeting with them on September 26 to discuss their demands.

“If the meeting ends successfully, we will withdraw our program, otherwise we will impose our abstention at work,” he told the Daily Star yesterday.

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