Tourisme Portage presents its five-year strategy


The subject of Portage tourism was presented at the RM of Portage la Prairie City Council meeting this week.

Economic Development Coordinator Kellie Verwey and Committee Member Cindy McDonald share their progress.

Cindy McDonald and Kellie Verwey“We presented the new strategic plan developed by the Portage Regional Tourism Committee which focuses on the growth of tourism in our region over the next five years,” said Verwey. “Our committee is really focused on taking a regional approach rather than just the city or just the RM. We try to combine the two and really do it collectively. So we want to make sure everyone is aware of what we’re doing, how it benefits the whole region, bringing that to the Council will hopefully get us some support from them and just do it for them. recognize what’s going on. “

Verwey says she’s excited to highlight their strategic plan. She notes that they will also be able to gain the support of the general public and make them aware that they are there to promote our region.

McDonald adds that Verwey and the committee have done a remarkable job in bringing tourism back to life.

“We have so much to offer, so we just need to bring the people who live here on board and we need to get the word out,” McDonald said. “And I just think it’s timely. Back when Vern May was at PRED a few years ago, he set up the tourism committee. When he left, he kind of fell off the radar. , when Eve was hired at PRED, she was going through all the different things that were in her portfolio and that was one of them. She decided to bring him back. She really set up the committee structure. and we made this strategic plan, and we brought in different actors who really represent the territory.

She notes that the Delta Beach Association is part of their committee, for example. McDonald says the presence of these kinds of stakeholders makes such a difference.

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