The Road Ahead: The Importance of Public Transport in Building a Sustainable Future


Bus travel is undergoing a revolution, with new technologies encouraging passengers and supporting sustainable transport goals’, Says Solveig Ellila Kristiansen, CCO of Ticketer Group and CEO of FARA.

TRONDHEIM, Norway, 21 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Climate change is a global concern, and with the increase in extreme weather conditions such as heat waves and flash floods, it simply cannot be ignored. In recent years, the public call to fight back has grown louder and today almost all of us are looking for ways to play our part.

This year, sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of concerns due to the UN Climate Change Conference in November (COP26) and the fact that we have the opportunity to rebuild more ecologically after the pandemic.

Public transport plays an extremely important role in promoting the green agenda. It supports the European Commission (EC) climate goals and many United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals, such as goal number 11, which focuses on sustainable transport. Part of solving this problem is improving air quality, and since cars are the source of over 50% of the transport sector’s greenhouse gases, the more we can get out of their vehicles. and taking public transport, the better.

About FARA

FARA is one of the leading providers of customer-oriented IT solutions for the public transport sector in the Nordic markets. It provides solutions for electronic ticketing and travel information, including mobile applications and administrative features for efficient operation. The objective of FARA is to facilitate the movement of passengers, operators and public transport authorities. Founded in 2005, and part of the Ticketer group since 2019, FARA is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, with international offices in Denmark, Finland and Poland.


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