STUDENT TRANSPORT: Since the attack on Chinese nationals inside the University of Karachi, the administration has banned rickshaws and vans from entering the premises. This compounded the transportation problem for the students. Crowded university shuttles, or points, are not enough, or at least decent enough, to carry the entire load. In the absence of an efficient transportation system, students walk – all the way – to their respective departments. Naturally, they fail to reach their classes on time. The authorities should take steps to solve the transport problem without delay.

Syeda Inma Mustafa

EMBARRASSMENT: The recent alleged gang rape incident of an American social media influencer and v-logger who had come to Pakistan as a tourist has left the whole nation red with embarrassment. This, without a shadow of a doubt, will paint a bleak picture of Pakistan in the world. International tourists often avoid Pakistan as a destination due to safety and security concerns. The culprits, if found guilty, should receive an exemplary sentence.

Meshkat Shafaque Marwat
Lakki Marwat

ARTICLE 63-A: Even if the prevailing political instability subsides, it is essential to obtain clarification on Article 63-A of the country’s Constitution, which deals with defection or the change of floor in parliament. All concerned must be on the same page as to when and how this article can be invoked. Constitutional gaps associated with interpretations tend to complicate matters.

Saman Aftab

LEADERSHIP CRISIS: The importance of competent leadership in leading a country through complex challenges, both internal and external, cannot be overstated. Democracy offers us a way to elect competent leaders and move on to another if the incumbent fails to meet the expectations of the people. However, democracy is not a rigid system and countries make their own adjustments. Why would Pakistan be any different?

Asad Aziz

Posted in Dawn, July 30, 2022

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