Singapore Tourism Board launches safe travel guidelines and organizes itineraries for the tourism sector

Resources help inbound visitors navigate health and safety requirements and introduce new experiences in Singapore

As Singapore gradually reopens its borders to more international visitors, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has evolved alongside the launch of the Safe Itinerary Guide and “Discover Singapore!” Compendium.

These two resources provide safe travel guidelines and curate a collection of unique experiences that trip planners can leverage when designing innovative itineraries for traveling in a Covid-19 endemic world.

The development of these resources is the result of public-private partnerships between the STB and the National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore, Singapore Attractions Association, Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers, Singapore Hotel Association and Singapore Tourist Guide Society.

The Safe Itinerary Guide provides strategies to help tourism businesses better understand their consumers so they can personalize travel itineraries based on traveler profiles.

It also outlines how businesses can design safe and engaging visitor journeys, while highlighting key capabilities such as data analytics and design thinking that are needed to meet future challenges. For example, tourism businesses are encouraged to explore cross-industry partnerships with healthcare providers to give travelers additional assurance during their travels, or gamify their offerings to keep travelers engaged.

The STB said key information from the guide would also be shared with travel companies and overseas partners.

“Discover Singapore!” Compendium offers travelers unique experiences to discover the many faces of Singapore. (Image credit: Singapore Tourism Board)

The “Discover Singapore!” Compendium consists of tourism and lifestyle offerings for leisure and business travelers across different price points and interests. This was also developed in partnership with the five tourism associations who engaged their members to design and organize experiences for various customer segments.

Examples of these experiences include an experiential aviation workshop, a virtual reality flight simulator, or interacting with works of art by renowned artists through augmented reality. According to STB, some of these experiences have already been incorporated by providers into the itineraries of visitors coming to Singapore on the Vaccinated Traffic Lanes (VTL).

The Compendium also provides travel intermediaries with useful information on health services such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing and telemedicine consultation services.

“As international tourism gradually resumes, consumers will need to adhere to a variety of health and safety requirements when planning their trips. STB has worked closely with our tourism partners to bring together these resources, so they can design travel itineraries that add value and reduce friction for their customers,” said Kenneth Lim, Director, Travel Agents and Tour Guides, Singapore Tourism Board.

He hopes these resources will come in handy as Singapore gradually reopens its borders.

The Safe Route Guide and “Discover Singapore!” Compendium can be downloaded from the Travel Related Users’ System (TRUST) website.

Featured image credit (Singapore’s colorful Peranakan heritage houses): mehdi33300/Getty Images

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