Shanghai Tourism Festival Boosts Tourism Revenue Across City


A walking tour during the festival

The annual Shanghai Tourism Festival which takes place from September 17 to October 6 this year has yielded fruitful results and boosted the city’s tourist market, cultural and tourism authorities said on Wednesday.

Shanghai tourist attractions recorded 16.23 million visits during this year’s Shanghai Tourism Festival, according to the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration.

The city’s average hotel occupancy rate reached 55% during the festival, up 14% from the same period a month earlier.

The city’s tourism, dining and entertainment revenues reached 36.08 billion yuan ($ 5.59 billion) during the festival, up 8.7 percent from the previous month.

This year’s festival, in its 32nd edition, has seen many changes.

The duration of the festival has been reduced and large offline activities, such as the opening ceremony, have been canceled to avoid large gatherings.

Readable architecture and walking tours are the themes of this year’s festival for the first time.

A large number of offline activities have been replaced by online events amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year’s festival offers new resources, experiences and visiting methods for residents and tourists,” said Fang Shizhong, director of administration.

Shanghai Tourism Festival Boosts Tourism Revenue Across City

Ti Gong

A walk during the festival

Shanghai Tourism Festival Boosts Tourism Revenue Across City

Ti Gong

A variety of activities focused on the city’s architecture were launched during the festival, covering live events, route recommendations, walking tours, architecture-themed memorabilia, voting for classical Shanghai architecture and bus travel.

Shanghai’s first shuttle bus taking people to experience the glamor of the city’s classical architecture was launched during the festival.

The bus service has five stops – the May 30 Movement Monument, Waibaidu Bridge, City God Temple, Jinling Road E. Pier, and Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

It carried a total of 11,000 passengers during the festival.

A WeChat mini-program focused on all aspects of the city’s architecture recorded 38,000 visits during the festival and over 40 million votes were cast in a selection of architecture.

Activities inviting the public to discover good places to visit nearby were also warmly welcomed.

“Audience participation is a hallmark of this year’s festival, which has become a platform to display the splendor of Shanghai,” said Shen Chao, director of the administration’s large-scale events department.

The festival boosted the city’s tourist popularity, Shanghai-based online travel operator revealed.

During the festival, the city’s popularity index as a tourist destination jumped 64% compared to the same period in 2019, and bookings for night tours in the city soared 50% compared to the same. period in 2019, according to the travel agency.

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