17 new petitions are available for signature on the website of the Chamber of Deputies. A public debate will be organized for those who collect at least 4,500 signatures by June 9.

17 new petitions are available for signature on the website of the Chamber of Deputies.

Several of them deal with the question of purchasing power and soaring prices (reduction of VAT, price of buildings, free transport, etc.). There are fewer petitions related to the health crisis, and one petition related to the conflict in Ukraine.

Overview of new petitions

  1. Surtaxation of services and consumer goods imported from Russia and Belarus. (2292)
  2. Costs of ongoing new construction projects: a moratorium on construction price revisions according to the consumer price index until 2022 (and 2023) (2294)
  3. Cost of new constructions: increase in the ceiling for the application of the reduced rate by 3% (2295)
  4. Indexation of State financial aid for higher education (2296)
  5. Reduction of VAT on food products (2297)
  6. Suppression of summer time (2298)
  7. For the reintroduction of mask wearing and mandatory testing in secondary schools, primary schools and other educational institutions when the incidence rate is high in order to protect the health of students and school staff (2299)
  8. For a 24-hour maternity and pediatric emergency service in the north of Luxembourg (2301)
  9. Completely free public transport for cross-border lines as well (e.g. line 315 and many others) (2302)
  10. Prohibit smoking while driving. (2303)
  11. Creation of a register to record the wishes and choices of a person before being placed under guardianship, provided that he is of sound mind. (2308)
  12. Reimbursement of psychologists’ bills (2309)
  13. Abolition of VAT on veterinary consultations (2310)
  14. All future INDEX adjustments should be put to a referendum. All citizens should be able to vote democratically and responsibly on the INDEX. ( 2312)
  15. Let’s protect our forests and our nature forever. (2314)
  16. Limit and regulate so-called “Harmonica” buses in the city center (and its outskirts) during off-peak hours and on weekends. (2315)
  17. Adequate working hours for private sector bus drivers (2205)

The complete list of petitions is available on the petitiounen.lu website.

In addition, several petitions will soon be closed for signatures. Among these, only one petition has already exceeded 4,500 signatures: “To increase the capacity of the existing pediatric oncology service in Luxembourg” (2232already 5,016 signatures).