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PUNE: Traveling by public transport is expected to take a heavy toll on the wallet, with private buses as well as taxi drivers in Pune district increasing fares by up to 15% from November 1 to offset the effect of the rising cost fuel.

The rise in fares by private bus operators follows a similar move by state-owned MSRTC, which increased fares by 17% on all of its routes.
Kiran Desai, the current president of the Pune Bus and Car Owners Association, told TOI: “The decision was made at our convention on Friday. Fuel prices have skyrocketed and we have no choice but to increase our rates, which are based on rising fuel prices. The new pricing structure is expected to come into effect on November 1.
The increased rates per kilometer will apply to luxury private buses, school and office transport buses as well as passenger vehicles. On Saturday, a liter of gasoline was selling for Rs 114.28 in the city of Pune, while diesel was selling for Rs 103.71 a liter.
“There are several classifications of buses depending on their seats and whether it is air conditioned or not. The Pune district has 13-seater to 43-seater buses and all their prices have been revised. Buses and taxis will no longer be able to use the old tariffs, ”Rajan Junavane, president of the Pune Bus and Car Owners Association, told TOI.
In private taxis, a six-seater car ride from Pune to Mumbai will now cost Rs 4,500 instead of Rs 4,000 previously. Traveling by four-seater car to Mumbai will cost Rs 3,000 instead of Rs 2,800. “The charges per km, which were between Rs 16 and 17 previously, have now been set at Rs 18. Taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber do not fall under this because their fares increase automatically during peak hours or on popular routes. Said another member of the association managing a private taxi service.
Many commuters blamed the government for the price hikes. “It’s the holiday season and the prices are so high in the midst of our limited income that we can’t sustain them. If the cost of travel increases, carriers cannot be blamed. The government is to blame for the high fuel costs, ”said Anish Date, who travels frequently between Pune and Mumbai.

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