Public transport commission says ‘no’ to bus fare hike

(CNS): Local bus fares will not increase this month, despite a notice printed and circulated by drivers indicating an increase of CI$1 or $1.50 from September 12, as the increase does not has not been officially approved. Following CNS investigations into the notices posted on buses and posted on social networks, the Ministry of Tourism and Transport published a press release on Friday evening indicating that the Régie des transports publics (PTB) had not granted the request for a price increase on public bus fares. .

Notice posted on bus fare increases

“Acting quickly to quell rumors of fare increases, the PTB today advised all omnibus conductors and operators that notices announcing unauthorized fare increases should be removed immediately,” a ministry statement said. “The council has further stated in its correspondence to public transport operators that failure to comply with this directive will be dealt with promptly and could have adverse consequences.”

The statement read: “The Public Transport Commission has received a request to increase public bus fares. However, given the impact that a rate increase could potentially have on the community and on the cost of living, the request is being carefully considered and no decision has been made at this time.

Bus fares have not increased for 20 years, but the proposed $1 increase between George Town and West Bay or Bodden Town and a $1.50 increase between George Town and the Eastern Districts would have had a significant impact on low-wage workers. Minimum-wage earners living in the East End or North Side who work in George Town earn $48 for an eight-hour day. With the proposed increase in bus fares, they would have had to spend $10 (nearly 21% of their income) to get to and from work each day.

Itinerary Approved bus fares The bus fares drivers want
George Town – West Bay CI$2.00 / US$2.50 CI$3.00 / US$3.75 (+$1)
George Town–Bodden Town CI$2.00 / US$2.50 CI$3.00 / US$3.75 (+$1)
George Town – east end CI$3.50 / US$4.37 CI$5.00 / US$6.25 (+$1.50)
George Town – north side CI$3.50 / US$4.37 CI$5.00 / US$6.25 (+$1.50)
George Town – Cayman Kai CI$8.00 / US$10.00
Bus service around GT CI$2.00 / US$2.50

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