PP public transport services resume


Phnom Penh Autonomous Bus Transport (PPABT) began yesterday to resume public bus and boat services.

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The reopens follow the suspension of services for nearly two years, caused by security measures linked to the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

On March 26 last year, Phnom Penh city hall temporarily suspended public bus and water taxi services.

Director Ean Sokhim said in a statement that PPABT will allow people to take city bus and boat services free of charge for six days, from yesterday to November 7. After this period, passengers will be billed as usual from November 8. Travel is free. for monks, the elderly, children, garment workers, professional athletes and teachers.

Sokhim said all passengers must comply with prescribed sanitary measures. These include showing vaccination cards, wearing masks and sitting in assigned seats, in order to maintain social distancing measures.

Buses run on many routes through Phnom Penh, from Russey Keo in the north to Takhmao in the south. The town hall has 235 buses operating on 13 lines in Phnom Penh.

Sam Samoeun, an office worker, said he commutes to work with the bus service. He says it is good that the town hall has allowed the city buses to operate again.

“I saw that the buses were well prepared. I had to show my vaccination card, wear a mask and the seats were prepared with spacing to avoid Covid-19, ”he said.

He said the bus did not load too many passengers, due to social distancing.

“I am not afraid to take public transport, because the seats are well organized, with a lot of spaces between the spaces, and few people are allowed on board,” he said.

Thong Raskmy, a student, said that since the schools reopened, bus services have also resumed and this makes it easier for students to travel.

“Taking tuk tuks to school costs me a lot of money. The buses being operational again, my trip to school is free. I’m so happy to go to school this way, ”he said.

Taning Channa, a retiree, said she liked to use the bus when she had to go to the hospital. “It’s easy for me to take the bus to the hospital. It is a good public service. It had been a long time since I had been able to take the bus, because of Covid-19, ”she said.

Bun Thoeun, the city’s bus driver, said he was happy to return to his job as a driver, after being suspended for nearly two years.

“I am happy to return to work. Buses are well prepared with well-marked seats and SOPs in place to protect passengers from Covid-19, ”he said.

The reopening of public bus and boat services came after Prime Minister Hun Sen called on Phnom Penh authorities to reopen the city.

Speaking at the launch of the vaccination campaign for five-year-olds at the Peace Palace on Monday, Hun Sen said authorities should resume operation of the city’s buses.

“We should operate the city buses again to carry passengers,” he said.

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