New freight transport strike from September 27


Bangladesh Truck Covered Van Tank Lorry Prime Mover Owners Workers Coordination Council holds a press conference at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Thursday to make their 10 point demand. – Photo New Age

A section of owners and workers of freight vehicles on Thursday promised to observe a 48-hour abstention from work across the country from September 27 to assert its 10-point demands.

Under the banner of Bangladesh Truck-Covered Van, Tank, Lorry and Prime Mover Owners and Workers’ Coordination Council, they made the announcement at a press conference held at the national press club in the capital.

Previously, the Association of Prime Mover Truck, Covered Vans and Freight Owners Association and the Bangladesh Truck Drivers Federation jointly applied the three-day strike from Tuesday morning to assert their 15-point demand. , including the issuance of a driver’s license for trucks and covered vehicles. van drivers in easy conditions.

They called off the strike on Wednesday afternoon with the assurance that the authorities concerned would respond to their demands.

Earlier this month, leaders of the Bangladesh Truck-Covered Van, Tank, Truck and the Main Engines Workers and Owners Coordination Council made an announcement about the two-day strike.

Their 10-point demand includes the withdrawal of all murder cases filed for traffic accidents under section 302, justice for the murders of all road transport workers, the process of prompt issuance of the permit of driving, the withdrawal of the income tax increase, the end of extortion, harassment by police and the diversion and theft of goods in vehicles loaded with food, updating facilities documents for vehicles loaded with goods without fines, the collection of operating expenses by the municipality, bus stations and truck drivers’ rest areas in different places, the only authority of the traffic police to control roads and traffic designated places for document verification.

Leaders said few freight transport owners and workers called a strike on September 21 to ruin their movement.

Other programs, including rallies at all truck terminals and stands across the country on September 24, rallies outside the national press club on September 25, were announced at the conference.

If their demands are not met by September 26, they will impose work abstention from September 27, they added.

The press conference was attended by Chairman of the Board, Md Rustom Ali Khan, Member Secretary, Md Tajul Islam, and General Secretary of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation, Md Osman Ali.

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