New fare gives commuters unlimited public transport for a limited time

A new fare allowing Dublin public transport users to travel between most bus, train and Luas services for € 2.30 is expected to be introduced by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

The 90-minute Transport for Ireland (TFI) fare will allow commuters to transfer between Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland (bus), Luas and most DART and commuter rail services within an hour and a half of the first contact.

TFI Leap Card users can take advantage of the 90-minute tariff at € 2.30 when it was introduced on November 28 until the end of the promotional period in March 2022.

The NTA has introduced a tariff of € 2.30 for users who switch between modes of public transport in Dublin in 90 minutes. Photo: Maxwell

The NTA said the move would make the exchange between public transport services “transparent” and make the wider public transport system “more affordable, efficient and integrated”.

“Today is an important day as it marks the implementation of another key element of the BusConnects program in Dublin. The introduction of the new structure will encourage a return to public transport on the TFI network, ”said Anne Graham, Managing Director of the NTA.

“This offers the possibility of creating simplicity and consistency across the entire network, regardless of the route or mode taken. It also means significant savings for people who have to switch between departments. ‘

Users see their fare capped when they switch between bus, train and Luas services. Photo: Sasko Lazarov /

A new Leap rate of 80 cents is also introduced for children, with a free transfer within 90 minutes of arrival, which equates to a 20% reduction for children using the bus outside of school hours.

A short adult fare of € 1.60 for journeys up to 3 km will also be introduced, which the NTA said would allow 40% more passengers to travel a little further, although connecting people would see each other. charge the 90 minute rate.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan said it was “essential” that public transport be incentivized for workers, students, shoppers and visitors, and that the 90-minute fare was essential to achieve this goal.

Eamon Ryan's COVID-19 Test
Eamon Ryan said the move was critical to the goal of getting more people to use public transport. Photo: Artur Widak / NurPhoto

“By moving more people from their cars to public transport, we can help meet Ireland’s carbon emission reduction targets as set out in the government’s agenda,” added Mr. Ryan.

“This is another important step in making the city a more livable and easily accessible environment. “

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