Mount Emei unveils major promotions to fuel tourism development

For the second half of the year, Mount Emei Scenic Area unveiled the “top five” promotional activities to attract visitors, including the “buy one, get one free” admission ticket for the citizens of Sichuan and Chongqing, and a total of 3,000 free admission tickets up for grabs each month, which are available to domestic and overseas visitors by simply following the scenic area’s official WeChat public account, according to the Emeishan City Municipal Government. In addition, people under 18 can enter the landscape for free between July 1 and August 31Admission ticket + tourist vehicle ticket + cable car ticket are distributed free to social media influencers, and people related to Teachers’ Day, International Students’ Day, Journalists’ Day, etc. are entitled to free entry.

In addition, Mount Emei also offers even greater discounts for its cultural and tourist products. Students can get 50% discount on Only Emeishan’s live performance, and admission is waived for high school students who participated in China university entrance exam. Teachers and students are entitled to free or half-price access to hot springs at resorts and hotels such as Mount Emei Hot Spring Hotel, JZ Hotel, and Yu Quan Wan.

To fully enhance the tourist experience around the mountain, Emeishan City has invested in the construction of Utopia, Sixi Valley Karst Cave, Ling Xiu Hot Spring, Happy Water World in Yu Quan Wan , etc., and has developed new tourist activities such as rock climbing. , parasailing and study tour programs. It should be noted that the Mount Emei Scenic Area will unveil its “cloudy sea and starry sky campsite” in Leidongping, which is located a few 2000m above sea level, around the end of July. Tourists can stay at the campsite and enjoy a hot meal in the “sea of ​​clouds” and under a “starry sky”.

The summer vacation period in July strongly fuels the rapid recovery of Mount Emei’s tourism market. The average daily number of visitors to the scenic area has held steady at around 20,000 visitors, with weekend numbers approaching 30,000. So far this month, the scenic area has already received 256,000 visitors.

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Caption: Golden peak of Mount Emei

SOURCE The Municipal Government of Emeishan City

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