More than 16 student transports


We have again made the difficult decision to continue with the suspension of the County Ticket 2022/23 program as it is not considered a cost-effective option for students this year.

Ticketing technology has evolved, with more options for contactless payments and tickets via an app available on University Services from fall 2022. Operators have introduced more ticket options, more flexibility and more economical, to meet the needs of students. These can be purchased on and off the bus.

For students who need to use public transport from September, purchasing tickets directly from the bus operator would be the most flexible and cost effective option under the current circumstances. Bus operators will continue to offer discounted student tickets and for more information please refer to our post-16 transport policy.

For pupils attending a sixth form school and wishing to travel on a school bus under contract for the following school year, it is possible to request a paid seat on the school bus under contract, if there is space available.

Please note that there is no guarantee of seat availability. This can only be considered if there is sufficient capacity under the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) 2020.

For Year 6 pupils attending a post-16 offer at a local authority school or academy, please refer to post-16 travel policy 2021/22 for more information.

Bus services to colleges starting September 2022

The government is working to ensure that transport is not a barrier to people’s access to educational institutions from September. As part of this work, local authorities have received more than £40million to ensure college and school students can travel safely.

There are many ways for students to travel to educational venues. First, we encourage all students to walk, bike, or commute to college if they can and if they live within walking distance (2 miles or less) of their college or college. their school. This will help reduce pressure on the public transport network for those who need it most.

If students cannot walk, cycle or scooter, they can use public transport or drive to get to their school or college. If parents or students are carpooling with someone outside of their support bubble or family, they must share with the same people each time, open windows for ventilation, and wear a face covering unless they are under the age of 11 or if they are exempt.

If students are using public transport, they should continue to follow government guidelines to ensure they can travel safely on the network. They should plan their trip in advance and allow extra time to get to their school or college. By law, they must wear a face covering during their entire trip if they are over 11 and are not exempt, wash or sanitize their hands regularly and social distance if possible.

In Somerset, we have worked closely with colleges to ensure there is extra network capacity where it is needed. This includes closing some university bus routes to students only, ensuring that children and young people do not mix with the general public – which helps limit the number of people they come into contact with. As students travel with their peers on these services, social distancing guidelines are relaxed and the vehicle’s full seating capacity can be used, although no standing passengers are permitted. Students over the age of 11 will always be required to wear a face covering.

We have also added duplicate vehicles on some routes to increase capacity if needed. Students will be directed by the driver to the closed college vehicle, however, if this is full and students must board the normal public service vehicle which is open to the public, social distancing rules of 1 meter and more will apply.

Please visit the Ministry of Transportation website for complete guidelines.

This Excel document details the bus lines for each college. Please use the tabs at the bottom of the document to find your college information.

Transport ticket options

All bus operators offer a range of day tickets and most can offer season ticket types at a reduced rate and we have included some information in Post 16 Travel Policy 2022/23.

We strongly advise you to check your options with the various bus operators to ensure you know the most appropriate ticket for your individual needs. Please note that Somerset County Council has no control or responsibility over the amount commercial operators charge for their own tickets. They also have the right to change the price of their tickets as they deem commercially necessary.

Scholarship funding

You may be eligible to claim funding from the Bursary Fund for 16-19 year olds. please use this link or contact the 16+ establishment of your choice for more information.

This fund is administered by education and training providers and Somerset County Council has no involvement in eligibility or payments.

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