Malefic harassment in public transport

Road safety week

National Road Safety Week will be observed from January 11 to 17, 2022. Nothing extraordinary will happen. We will witness the usual drama on the roads during the week and the traffic police will make a list of achievements. The numbers game will continue, for example, thirty thousand bikers violated the standards. Will they ever list the number of men arrested for having tarnished the chastity of young girls in the buses / taxis they regulate?

They will tell us the number of road rage injuries, but they will not tell us the number of injuries to female students who were sexually assaulted on overcrowded public buses. The nonchalant approach of the traffic police is shocking to say the least.

The administration will report the Walkathon (Walk for Awareness) but will fail to address the threat of bus exploitation. They will discuss remedial measures to minimize road accidents to save lives but will discuss the road blues of female victims. The brotherhood of drivers must make the commitment and reaffirm that they will take all preventive measures to make the journey of women passengers hassle-free. Otherwise, carrying signs and signature campaigns doesn’t solve anything. Let the department stay away from publicity stunts this year and show us the impact on the ground.

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