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There does not appear to be a decline in money related crimes in the form of financial fraud, embezzlement, scams and embezzlement in UT of Jammu and Kashmir. This matters a great deal even though such economic offenses do not always involve huge funds and therefore, in line with the government’s commitment to zero tolerance for corruption, financial fraud and scams, the “Economic Crimes Wing” required as part of the fight against corruption The Jammu and Kashmir Office should now have been functional and efficient, both in taking action where necessary and in also prove deterrent. The fact is that it is not. It is despite this that the sanction was duly granted to its creation two years ago by the government. It is also a fact that there was a need for more coordination between the General Administration Department and the Anti-Corruption Bureau in strengthening the relevant independent economic crimes wing. Where have things slowed down and why there is no mechanism in place to ensure that decisions have been implemented on time and if not and for what specific reasons, the same thing could be solved effectively.
Every action, whether positive or negative and particularly related to governance issues, has its impact accordingly, which means that those who have already committed economic crimes or others who, unfortunately, may be “at work ” are likely to feel emboldened, especially the critical time factor being of enormous importance. This implies that any delayed action or even a rather late discovery in cases related to economic crimes may not result in convictions and recoveries, especially when a person in service is already absent on pension. retirement and that non-service people have also turned things ‘favorable’ for them. Series of banking and financial frauds, credit card frauds, lottery and chit fund frauds, money laundering, private finance company frauds, job recruitment scams and the list goes on, control them effectively and take Strict legal measures as well as recoveries are very important to maintain a fair economic balance, rid financial victims of squabbles and manipulations by cheaters while protecting the country’s financial system and general security.
On the contrary, we find that its own decisions taken two years ago are not being implemented by the UT government of Jammu and Kashmir, as the degree of seriousness with which the government appears to be tackling economic offenders may also be assessed by the fact that as opposed to the creation and appointment of 56 persons for the said economic crimes wing and the sanction for these positions by the Ministry of Finance having also been granted, except for the assignment of a Superintendent of Police, nothing more was done with regard to the recruitment of the other 55 people to lend support and teeth to the said wing.
Why has no notification of recruitment of the required positions been officially made to date despite a decision taken two years ago. The use of austerity measures and other measures to save public funds may be justified in the normal course of events, but in cases where a structure must be put in place, all solid and effective, to to deal with the looting of money and therefore the loss to the public treasury, there is It does not seem wise to resort to this measure when it comes to creating an important department such as an independent and effective offenses wing economic. Rather, we believe that additional powers and force through an effective intelligence system to be provided to said wing would make it difficult for economic offenders to manage to avoid detection and legally reserved.
The argument, if not an alibi, that there were already arrangements and measures in place within the Anti-Corruption Office to also deal with economic crimes, is hardly compelling because a separate wing would not only exclusively deal with specific cases, but would entitle the staff to be properly trained in specific institutions such as CBI, RBI and other institutions, as this was the requirement to make the very responsive and efficient Economic Crimes Squad. Therefore, UT Government is urged to look into the matter and take effective measures to establish a strong, efficient and self-sustaining Economic Crimes Wing within the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Jammu and -Cashmere.

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