KP government signs $8 billion MoUs at Expo Dubai to boost tourism and investment

Peshawar – The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has signed memorandums of understanding worth more than $8 billion at Expo Dubai, which will boost investment in tourism, hydropower, economic zones and mining and minerals, in addition to attracting huge foreign investors and will create jobs leading to the economic revolution in the province.

Briefing the media on the decision of the 64th cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the adviser to the chief minister for information and public relations, lawyer Muhammad Ali Saif, said chief minister Mahmood Khan gave directives departments concerned to provide all possible facilities to foreign investors to attract more entrepreneurs. The cabinet, he said, has also approved an additional grant of Rs 800 million for the recovery of the newly merged districts under the ADP and AIP.

The meeting, apart from the cabinet members, was attended by the provincial chief secretary, the additional chief secretary, the senior member of the revenue board and the administrative secretaries of various ministries.

Advocate Saif said the firm has approved Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Censorship of Motion Picture Rules 2021 (Film, CDs, Stage, Drama & Show). Under the new rules, there would be a complete ban on broadcasting any material against the injunction of Islam, solidarity and security of Pakistan, against public order and negative propaganda spoiling Pakistan’s relations with friendly countries . Any such material will not be licensed for broadcast on private media channels, cable, CDs and other broadcast media.

KP Cabinet Approves Additional Rs 800 Million Uprising Grant for Newly Merged Districts under ADP and AIP

The chief minister, he said, also ordered to preserve Pakhtun culture. Lawyer Saif said the provincial cabinet also approved the issuance of computerized driving licenses, including international driving licenses, and approved the corresponding new fee schedule. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Department of Transport has introduced a new online licensing system at the Directorate of Transport and Public Transport which, in collaboration with the Police and Transport Departments, will issue licenses for different categories of vehicles.

Attorney Saif said the firm also approved the law that will regulate e-commerce and e-commerce goods companies. This new law will regulate the issuance and cancellation of licenses of online transport companies, the issuance of fitness license and the registration of drivers in addition to other matters.

The cabinet, he said, has also approved the EATA Amended Order of 2001 which will improve its performance. After the amendment, the EATA Board of Governors was also reconstituted. The Board of Directors headed by Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will include Minister of Higher Education, Secretary of Higher Education, Secretary of Law, Health, Director General of Technology Council Information, Chancellor of Engineering University, Chairman of Peshawar Council and Executive Directors will be its members.

The Cabinet has also approved Rs. 152 million for the relocation of the Cantonment Council’s ground-based solid waste processing machinery as an underground facility, which will improve functioning. Saif said the cabinet also extended the lease of the four-channel land belonging to TMA DI Khan for 25 years with the consent of the two departments and ordered its transfer to the Directorate of Youth Affairs. He said that as part of the 2016 youth policy, Jawan centers are being set up across the province which will build the capacity of young people and create more opportunities for them.

The Cabinet also ordered the transfer of four canals of land from the Swabi Court Complex located on the Swabi-Jehangira Road to the Directorate of Youth Affairs for the establishment of Jawan Centres. The adviser told the media that the cabinet also renamed Mamoon Stadium Bajaur to Shah Jehan Shaheed Stadium to honor the sacrifice of Malik Shah Jehan who bravely fought against terrorism in Bajaur Valley and offered the sacrifice of his life.

The cabinet also approved the policy framework for public sector enterprises and institutions, as the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has so far established 168 entities, including 12 public sector enterprises and 156 independent entities.

He said that given the importance of these institutions, standards at the political level must be introduced to place them within a legal framework to improve their performance and also ensure an effective administrative order.

The Chief Minister also ordered to inform the cabinet about the qualification capacity of the Director General of all such authorities and project councils. The KP cabinet, he said, also approved the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Safety Act 2021 which will ensure the health safety of workers of different organizations and ensure to address their mental and physical complications by providing a working environment. healthy.

The firm has also issued guidelines to address the issue of low salaries in different private sector projects and institutions. Advocate Saif said the firm has also approved the Forced Labor Rules 2021 which will ensure compiling of data regarding forced labor, labor recording, while vigilance committees and complaint cells would also be created under the chairmanship of the deputy commissioner.

Advocate Saif said the firm has also approved the Maternity Benefit Rules 2021 which will ensure the provision of all facilities to women working in different institutions and private industries. He said the provincial cabinet also approved the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Rules 2021 which will prohibit child labour. These rules have been approved under Section 19 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Labor Prohibition Act 2015.

The cabinet also approved the provision of all facilities, weekly holidays and appropriate wages for workers employed in private industries and other organizations.

Advocate Saif said the provincial cabinet also approved Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Trade and Trade Statistics Bill 2021 proposed under Department of Industries Trade Rules-9(1)19 .

The cabinet also amended the Police Services Rules 1934 (F/C). This law will ensure relaxed criteria for the induction of female police personnel from minorities, merged districts and women from difficult areas. Advocate Saif said the provincial government has given its approval to the amendment to Section 19 of the Civil Service Act 1973 which will guarantee the Contributory/CP Pension Fund for new inductees, but this does not s will not apply to employees appointed prior to the approval of this Act.

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