JS Passes Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Bill

The Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (Amendment) Bill 2022 was passed in Parliament on Tuesday with the aim of making the existing law timely and increasing revenue for the tourism sector.

The Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Tourism, Mr Mahbub Ali, tabled the bill and it was sent by voice vote.

As per the bill, the authorized capital of the company will be Tk 1,000 crore instead of Tk 15 crore while the paid up capital will be Tk 400 crore instead of Tk 5 lakh.

Current law stipulates that the board must consist of a chairman and at least two and at most four for the duration of the mandate, and directors appointed by the government.

With a four-member board of directors fixed by law, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) is now struggling to make quick decisions in coordination with other relevant ministries and departments.

As the ministries and departments concerned do not have a representative on the Board of Directors of the BPC, the BPC benefits from the desired assistance from the development agencies of the country’s tourism sector.

The bill stipulates that an 11-member board of directors of the BPC will be formed with principal secretaries, secretaries and representatives of relevant ministries and departments.

A person appointed by the government for such period and conditions as the government may determine, who is also the chairman.

The other members are the chairman of the company, an officer from the Ministry of Tourism, NBR, Legislative and Parliamentary Division, Public Security Division, Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change and two company directors who will be appointed by the government.

Two representatives must be appointed by the government from non-governmental organizations that are directly and institutionally associated with the tourism industry.

To constitute a quorum at a board meeting, the chairman and at least five directors must be present.

If for any reason the Chairman is unable to attend a Board meeting, a director authorized in writing by the Chairman shall chair the meetings.

The registered office of the company must be in Dhaka while it can establish offices, branches or agencies at any other location or outside of Bangladesh.

The company’s function is to promote and develop tourism, provide equipment, take measures and carry out all forms of activities related or incidental to tourism.

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