Joint task force formed to promote tourism in Punjab – Newspaper

LAHORE: The Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) on Wednesday formed a joint task force for the promotion of tourism in the province.

Provincial Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal chaired a public-private dialogue for the promotion of tourism, organized by the PBIT.

Representatives from the tourism department, government officials and stakeholders related to the tourism industry participated in the dialogue. During the meeting, a joint working group consisting of tour operators, hospitality industry representatives and government officials was formed for the promotion of tourism in the province.

Iqbal said that the promotion of tourism activities is crucial for the stability of the economy and that there is immense potential for the promotion of tourism in Punjab, but it takes time to put in place a coherent strategy so that the tourism sector can be truly developed to world standards.

He said different government agencies are working for the promotion of tourism, but they lack continuous coordination and communication for timely exchange of information and formulation of a common plan of action.

He urged participants to draw up a calendar of events to timely devise promotional strategies accordingly.

He also asked the tourism department to take effective measures for the promotion of tourism activities, while the government and other relevant departments will provide all possible assistance and cooperation in this regard.

He said there is a need to focus on promoting tourism activities at division headquarters level across the province while a comprehensive Lahore tourism package should be developed keeping in mind the places of the tourist, historical and religious importance of the city. .

Hotel industry representatives also expressed their views and said that the hotel industry can play an important role in promoting tourism, but there is a need to review taxes, government policy and security issues. the industry in this regard.

Officials said that Pakistan has more domestic tourists than international tourists, so we need to target them. In addition to improving the infrastructure, we must improve the quality of services.

Posted in Dawn, August 25, 2022

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