It would eliminate the mask mandate for public transport, Suozzi said

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi, in an interview with WNYC on Thursday, said he would support ending mandatory masking on New York state’s transit systems after a federal judge struck down the requirement for air travel and Amtrak.

Mask rules remain in effect in New York on local transit systems as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the New York area.

“I would remove the mandates, I would leave it to personal responsibility and I would do a much better job of educating people on why they need vaccines and boosters and why masks are effective and if you scared, you should wear a mask.

Suozzi called the debate surrounding pandemic mitigation measures toxic and divisive, and said he was encouraging people to wear masks. But warrants “are a problem in the current environment,” he said.

Governor Kathy Hochul clarified the rule Wednesday during a visit to SUNY Upstate in Syracuse, but suggested the mandate could be lifted. Mask rules remain in effect for jails, jails, homeless and domestic violence shelters, and state-run health care facilities.

“Nobody is listening, it’s just based on your party,” Suozzi said. “We should go back to educating people.”

“So we will continue, in the short term, again, for public transport, our correctional facilities, our nursing homes, health care facilities, domestic violence centers, buses and train stations, let’s be just smart about it,” Hochul mentioned. “You know, I think people feel better when they’re on public transport, sitting very close to someone, knowing that people themselves are protected. And again, it’s really short term.

Some areas of New York have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, and public health officials have pointed to two new versions of the omicron variant of COVID-19 as the reason for the increase in cases. case.

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  • It would eliminate the mask mandate for public transport, Suozzi said
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