IRCTC offers online medical tourism services

Improving the bouquet of its travel and tourism offerings, IRCTC has started offering online medical tourism services for customers.

India is one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia for Medical Value Travel (MVT). The country has made great strides in the field of modern medicine over the past decades and has created a unique ecosystem for holistic health that combines the best of modern healthcare, alternative medicine and wellness.

According to data from Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), about 6.97 lakhs of medical tourists visited India in 2019 alone for medical treatment, and by 2023, India will account for 6 % of global medical value tourism market share.

With the increasing presence of medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers across the country, there is a need to guide and assist customers in opting for medical institutions for the treatment of their affections according to their choice, convenience and budget.

In an effort to provide a holistic medical-value travel experience coupled with various other elements such as travel and accommodation arrangements, road transfers and optional post-treatment wellness packages, IRCTC has partnered with an online medical-technical services company on a pilot basis.

The company will provide all back-end services to customers on various medical and wellness packages.

To benefit from medical tourism services, a customer must log in to tourism IRCTC portal and complete a basic application form detailing their need for treatment.

Once the request is generated, the IRCTC team will call the client and explain the disease treatment options as per the client’s convenience and budget and further allow the client to take care of the treatment by managing all the back-end . provisions.

With a substantial network of hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers formed with its technical partner, IRCTC offers medical treatment and wellness packages to customers at very competitive prices.

The company is aggressively marketing its medical tourism initiative through its pan-India office network and has also organized a product awareness session for its agents and staff working in various zonal and regional offices.

Offering a wide range of online travel and tourism products, IRCTC, the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality PSU of Indian Railways, has established itself as a brand to be reckoned with in the field of travel. and tourism.

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