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Increase public transport services

Posted on Sep 27, 2021 | Author Cashmere amount

On Saturday, Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha launched the Motor Vehicle Department’s online services and reported on JKRTC’s new bus fleet. On this occasion, the LG said that the decision to increase JKRTC’s existing fleet with 226 new buses and 277 trucks was taken with the aim of connecting residents of different regions of J&K and providing better transportation facilities to traders and business owners. Public transport, whether it is intra or inter-district services, is a real mess. Every day, thousands of commuters face problems even when traveling small distances like a few kilometers. In the city of Srinagar, some common problems include the unavailability of public transport services on several main roads, traffic violations by private minibus operators, missing bus stops, overcrowding and traffic violations. road safety. While passenger cars are driven on the roads, not everyone can afford to have or travel in their own car. Many people who travel in private buses, which are now scarce, face many hardships. Students cannot go to colleges and other institutions because no travel is planned for them. Previously, a bus service for women had been launched. But this timid step was not followed by serious efforts. For women, traveling on public transport is worse. Even though the seats are marked as reserved for women, this is not tracked anywhere. This is because there is no one to control such infractions. To some extent, the people who commute daily were relieved after the start of sumo and small vehicle services in Srinagar city and between different neighborhoods. But this could not be rationalized either as the traffic chaos forced the authorities to restrict their movements. Once a strong company, the RTC, like many PSUs, has failed to scale to even meet the basic needs of the people here. While it is hoped that the new fleet and the addition of buses will provide some relief, there is a need to address other issues that have hampered public transport services in UT. Not only transport, but road infrastructure must also be taken into account while working on plausible solutions. In fact, fewer cars and private vehicles would also put less strain on the roads. But unless standard public transport services are available, people will have no choice but to get around in their own private vehicles. And as LG has rightly pointed out, the rules that have been simplified to provide “paperless, cashless and faceless facilities” will affect thousands of people.

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