I will leverage agriculture, tourism and mining to improve the Plateau’s GDP – Dakum

Doctor Patrick DAUM, Labor Party (LP)candidate for governor of Plateau promised to leverage agriculture, tourism and mining to improve the state’s economy if elected in 2023

latest nigerian political news

Dakum, who spoke to reporters on the sidelines of the party’s presidential campaign on Saturday at lafiasaid Plateau needed focused, experienced and careful leadership to turn things around.

latest nigerian political news

The gubernatorial candidate said he and his deputy, Edward Pwajok SANwould bring their integrity, exposure and vast experience in governance if the people gave them the mandate.

latest nigerian political news

According to Dakum, Plateau is currently ranked 32 in the country in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He, however, promised that his administration would work for the Plateau to rank among the top 15 within four years by developing the agriculture, tourism and mining sectors.

Dakum said he would give priority attention to the catalysts of economic drivers – good governance, security and human capital development to take the state to greater heights.

He assured that women would be properly represented at the political level in his administration to articulate women’s issues.

“As a public health physician, I would ensure that the issue of maternal health is brought to the level of primary health care effectively in order to reduce the high rate of maternal mortality,” he said.

Dakum, who noted the entrepreneurial spirit and hard-working spirit of Plateau women, said they make up about 75% of workers on farms and mining fields in some parts of the state.

He said they would receive agricultural inputs and other incentives to facilitate their work and boost the economy of their families and, by extension, the state.

He said his government would also provide mining equipment to women and work to legalize their vocation.

“1,000 naira in the hands of a woman will go further than 10,000 naira in the hands of a man.

So the economic development of women is the economic development of the household,” he said.

On the party’s chances of winning the 2023 general election, Dakum said that NigeriaThey had clearly demonstrated their desire for change from the old order.

He said Labor was the way to achieve a new Nigeria given the quality of leadership and sincerity of purpose. Pierre Obi and Yusuf Datti would offer.

The gubernatorial candidate said what they planned to do in the Plateau would be a microcosm of what would happen federally if they were given the mandate in 2023.

He therefore urged Nigerians to vote overwhelmingly for the Labor Party in 2023 for a secure, prosperous and equal nation.

NewsSourceCredit: NOPE

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