Help improve public transport in rural Denbighshire

A PARTNERSHIP program is being developed to improve public transport for people in rural areas.

Denbighshire County Council is joining forces with South Denbighshire Community Partnership to relaunch the county’s rural community car scheme.

The community car program aims to help rural residents access local facilities such as shops, visit friends and relatives, see a doctor or dentist, and undertake personal business.

The partnership will see the SDCP take over the operation of the scheme, with impressive plans to see it expand to cover as many rural areas as possible in south Denbighshire.

Since its launch in 1979, the system has continued to decline in terms of both users and volunteers.

The revamped program business plan aims to see the recovery of volunteers in a much wider area.

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Cllr Barry Mellor, Denbighshire Senior Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Over the past 10 years the County Council has, where possible, improved public transport in rural areas.

“However, we recognize that there will be people who will need to travel on routes that will not be easily done by bus.

“Also, perhaps due to age, disability or frailty, it may be difficult for some in our rural communities to board a bus or minibus.

“In such circumstances, we wish to see an expansion of the current community car system as widely as possible in our rural area.

“We believe that working in partnership with the SDCP is the best way to achieve this.”

SDCP Chief Executive Margaret Sutherland added: “We are delighted to be working with Denbighshire County Council on this project.

“This is one of the growing number of initiatives we are running in partnership with Denbighshire.

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“This already includes the delivery of some transport, in the Edeyrnion area.

“We now have a considerable bank of experience from which, over the next few months, we aim to use to launch the community car program over a much wider area.”

Any volunteers who might be able to help should contact the SDCP on 01490 266004 to chat and ask for Maggie Harding.

Volunteers are partially compensated for their mileage at HMRC’s current maximum mileage reimbursement rate.

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