Greek Ministry of Tourism to invest stimulus funds in human resources


Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki. Photo source: @Olympia Forum

If Greece wants to be a leader in tourism, it must invest in its human ressources and this is a top priority in the post-Covid-19 time, said Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia zacharaki during the Olympia Forum II held this week in ancient Olympia.

Zacharaki said this year’s tourism performance, which peaked in August to reach 75.8% of pre-Covid income levels, was a source of optimism, adding that the next step is to tap into the stimulus funds. European and national countries and to channel them effectively.

“We have 320 million euros ahead of us and a significant portion of these funds will be directed to human resources. If we do not have a skilled workforce capable of supporting all forms of tourism as well as our ambitious plans, we will not be able to win the bet on quality, ”she said.

The Minister announced that 46 million euros will be allocated to remote seminars should start in 2022 offering training in cultural tourism and the overall travel experience to some 5,000 people.

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Zacharaki added that funding will also be available through ESPA sources and public investment programs to support regional tourism development and local businesses.

She also announced upcoming legislation covering destination management activities, “which is essentially a synergy between regional authorities, municipalities and other bodies”.

Finally, she indicated that a body will be set up to manage the thermal spring facilities.

Zacharaki confirmed that reservations for Greece have been still strong thanks to the mild weather and that the average expenses had increased by 20% “to 802 euros against 655 euros before the 2019 pandemic”.

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