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Opinion of the Housing Commission
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JAMMU, November 7: The Association for the Welfare of Residents, Gandhi Nagar (Jammu) called on Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to intervene urgently and order the administrative secretary of the housing and urban development department and the Managing Director (MD), J&K Housing Board to recall errors and draconian order to demolish structures in front of 10 feet from the land of approximately 400 owners of Gandhi Nagar Housing Colony Jammu.
J&K Housing Board through a public notice on October 8, 2021 had threatened to demolish the perimeter walls and other structures built on the front 10 feet of their plots on five main roads involving around 400 homes in the housing colony. by Gandhi Nagar if not. released on November 7, 2021 by the owners of the house which it has owned for 60 years.
In an appeal to the LG, the Association’s general secretary, Chander Uday Sharma, said the Housing Council’s advice is arbitrary and ill-conceived to harass peace-loving nationalist homeowners. This opinion raised the uncertainty of a possible mass demolition in Gandhi Nagar, he added.
The Association said the MD had maliciously pleaded for total demolition on deliberately erroneous and faulty five-road encroachment land yet no road had ever been encroached upon by any of the residents. “The width of four of the five roads identified for demolition was 40 feet in 1960, which is corroborated by the construction plans approved at the time and even today it has the same width on the ground. The construction plans for houses approved in the sixties clearly indicate this width. This is even reflected in the Gandhi Nagar settlement development plan revised in 2007 as well, ”he said and questioned the MD Housing Board’s encroachment claim.
Members of the Association urged the LG to have this fundamental fact verified on the ground. They said the drains and utility poles on these roads were created by government agencies that adjoin the road as well as the perimeter wall. The location of these drains and utility poles has remained the same for the past 60 years when the colony came into being, they added.
“Gandhi Nagar Housing Colony was the first well-planned settlement established in the late 1950s by then Prime Minister Bakshi Ghulam Mohd, but the tragedy is that the Housing Council failed to create more of housing settlements in the growing winter capital in accordance with its statutory mandate except Channi Himmat, and now it is trying to cover up its dismal failure to meet the housing needs of the population by raising this unnecessary issue to harass its residents and distract the general public from its failures, ”said the Association.
“Over the past 60 years, thousands of house building plans on these allotted plots in Gandhi Nagar Settlement have been approved by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) showing the same 40-foot width from the road to the before. In addition, the same housing office had issued a notice of compliance for the approval of construction plans. We don’t understand why the Housing Board is now targeting Gandhi Nagar, ”they added.
Expressing full confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and LG Manoj Sinha, the Association called for their immediate intervention to prevent the Housing Council and JMC from taking coercive action against the peaceful possession of the homes of Gandhi Nagar residents.

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