Freight Transportation Wins Bhusawal Division Rs 34cr | Nashik News

Nashik: The Bhusawal division of the Central Railways generated revenue of Rs 34.6 crore from transporting 66 loaded rakes of vehicles from the local Nashik manufacturer to destinations across the country and perishables from various Kisan Rail division stations.
The Kisan rail was put into operation on August 7, 2020 to transport goods, vegetables and fruits from different parts of the Bhusawal division. The division generated revenue of Rs 9.92 crore by transporting vehicles from Nashik district.
Bhusawal division business development units transported 29 vehicle rakes in a single month of July. The rakes were transported from Nashik Road station to various destinations across the country. On the other hand, 19 rakes were transported during the same period and generated income of Rs 2.84 crore.
Farmers in the region have won by sending vegetables and fruits to remote areas such as the markets of Danapur, Prayagraj, Muzaffarpur and Jabalpur.
“The Kisan rail was reported to Devlali a year ago. So far it has been instrumental in transporting Rs 24.68 crore worth of goods from farmers in the area, ”said Jeevan Chaudhary, public relations manager for the Bhusawal division.
The vegetables carried onion, ginger, garlic, pomegranate, lemons, cabbage and even apples. The officer pointed out that the onions were transported from Niphad, Lasalgaon to Chipur, Changsari and other destinations. The bananas were transported mainly to Anand Nagar, Delhi.
Goods transported by Kisan Rail from the Nashik region generated income of Rs 24.68 crore, helping farmers in the region to reach Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal.
“Scheduled train transport helps small farmers who can load any amount required and take advantage of the 50% discount offered by the Union Agriculture Department,” the officer said.


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