Freight transport workers stop strike


Covered truck and van owner Oikya Parishad who went on a three-day strike on Tuesday to pressure the 15-point claim canceled the program following a successful meeting with the interior minister on Wednesday.

Bangladesh Covered Truck Transport Owners Association President Makbul Ahmed and Bangladesh Truck Drivers Federation President Talukdar Mohammad Munir made the announcement after the meeting.

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Home Secretary Asaduzzaman sat down with worker leaders at the secretariat in the morning.

“We have met the Minister and we are happy. We have decided to withdraw the 72 hour strike, ”Munir said.

“The Bangladesh Covered Truck Transport Owners Association and Prime Mover, the Bangladesh Trucker Workers Federation have submitted their 15-point request to us. We have listened to them and will take action in this regard, ”said the Minister.

The movement of all kinds of vehicles loaded with goods, including large engines (trailer), tarpaulin vans and trucks had been suspended across the country since Tuesday morning due to the strike.

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Removal of the tax increase on motor vehicle owners, facilitating the process of obtaining licenses for motor vehicle operators, ending harassment in the name of aptitude and testing when renewing driver’s license, providing a biometric smart card to drivers and assistants to enter ports and provide 50 lakh Tk from a state-owned fund as compensation for the families of workers who have lost life in traffic accidents was among their 15 point claim.


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