Enjoy a smooth journey on Austrian public transport with Klimaticket



With climate change being a serious threat, countries are implementing various ways to reduce carbon footprints. One of them encourages the use of public transport, an ecological alternative to individual motorized transport. Austria, in central Europe, has just unveiled a special nationwide ticket that travelers can use to travel through its extensive public transport network.

With a KlimaTicket (climate ticket) you can travel on all regular services (such as public and private train, city and public transport) in a specific area for one year – regional, interregional and national, according to the official website . Austria has an efficient and extensive public transport system, so getting to most tourist attractions is no problem. The local network consists of trains, trams and buses, while the capital Vienna also has a metro.

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There are some restrictions, as it cannot be used on tourist offers like Waldviertelbahn, Wachaubahn, Schneeberbahn, Schafbergbahn, etc. But even without them, you can travel to most popular attractions, at a cost much less than what you would have paid for taking your own car or renting one. And also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the fight against climate change.

Apart from the Early Bird offer (which ends on October 31 of this year), a KlimaTicket Classic is priced at € 1,095 for an annual pass, which amounts to € 3 per day; there are also various options for young people, elderly and special people (different disabled) as well as for families with children. Tickets can be purchased online or from distribution partners.


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