Divide the destinations you can visit using public transport

May 24, 2022 – You can spend a large part of your itinerary in the city center, but did you know that you can discover many interesting destinations in Split by bus? We’ll show you how.

Whether it’s a short visit or a week, the city of Split can fill your itinerary with activities of all kinds, sights, gastronomic places and much more. But what if you feel the need to explore your surroundings? From the window of your plane, shortly before landing, you must have noticed that Split is much more than its center. In high season you might want a bit of respite from the crowds, so why not explore some of Split’s neighboring destinations? By using public transport, you can save yourself the expense of renting a car to visit these relatively local destinations, as well as the tedious search for parking in town.

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Split city’s public transport system is called Promet (traffic) and its buses can take you beyond the center. The bus network is divided into four zones, and this is how ticket prices are determined (based on proximity to the very center). If you know very well where you are going, you can buy your tickets at the Tisak stands indicating the area you are going to, or you can also pay the bus driver himself, indicating the exact destination you are going to.

Bus ticket prices by zone are as follows:

Zone 1: 9 kunas

Zone 2: 13 kuna

Zone 3: 17 kunas

Zone 4: 21 kuna


Image: Promise Split

Now the question is, where do you want to go? Generally, everything in the center of Split is part of zone 1. You can choose between beautiful less crowded beaches, small and picturesque old settlements, or even historical places beyond this zone. The choice is yours. Here are some ideas of Split destinations that you can visit in zones 2, 3 and 4 with the city’s public transport system.



Solin is located very close to the center, just northeast of Split. Originally called Solana, it was a Greek colony founded in the 3rd century BC, and later a Roman colony. At this time, it ended up becoming the fourth largest city in the entire Roman Empire. For a zone 2 ticket to Solin, you can go ahead and visit its impressive ruins. You will need to take bus number 2 (Split – Poljička – K. Sućuraj (Strinje) – Split Airport) or bus number 38 (Split – K. Stari – Resnik).


The ruins of Solin. (Photo: Mario Romulic)


On the Split Zone 2 South Loop, Stobreč is the first destination you can drive to. It’s ideal if you’re looking for somewhere nearby to relax and with a good number of bars and restaurants. Stobreč also has a golf course, if that’s your thing. You will need to take bus number 60 (Split-Omiš) or number 25 (Split-Stobreč).


Overview of Stobreč. (Photo: Mario Romulic)


Passing Stobreč, you will come to Podstrana. Podstrana has a large number of beautiful beaches, with bars and restaurants. I always say, if you are looking to enjoy the sea in Split and away from the crowds, go to Podstrana. If you are looking for something other than beaches, you can also hike in the surrounding hills or kayak on the Žrnovnica river. Did you also know that legends say that Podstrana is where the famous King Arthur might have been buried? You will need to take bus number 60 (Split-Omiš) to get there.


The Sword of Artorus, in Podstrana. (Photo: Ivo Cagalj/Pixsell)



Please note that there is more than one Kaštela! It won’t be something that will have much relevance when paying for your ticket, since they are all in the same area. Kaštela is located northwest of Split, on the way to the airport. Wherever Kaštela goes, be sure to enjoy its promenades, beaches and marinas! You will need to take bus number 2 (Split – Poljička – K. Sućuraj (Strinje) – Split Airport) or bus number 38 (Split – K. Stari – Resnik).


If you pass Podstrana, heading south, you will enter zone 3. There are many places you can visit almost successively: Mutogras, Jesenice, Sumpetar, Dugi Rat… Krilo also has very nice beaches . You will need to take bus number 60 (Split-Omiš).


Krilo. (Photo: Tino Juric/Pixsell)



Duće is one of the last zone 3 destinations in the south. Many continue to Omiš, but Duće is a place that deserves your full attention for its beautiful beaches and campsites. You will need to take bus number 60 (Split-Omiš).


At the beginning of zone 4, just before Omiš, you will find Duće. (Photo: Mario Romulic)


Passing the airport of Split, you will find the very old and picturesque town of Trogir. Often considered the miniature version of Split, its beautiful promenade and narrow streets will remain etched in your memory for a long time. A good idea is to find pristine beaches on the island of Čiovo, connected by a bridge. You will need to take bus number 37 (Split – Split Airport – Trogir).


Trogir. (Photo: Mario Romulic)


Omiš is one of the most popular and largest towns on the coastal road between Split and Dubrovnik. Only 40 minutes from the center, Omiš is a real jewel of the Dalmatian coast, with beautiful old streets, the Cetina canyon and wonderful beaches. You will need to take bus number 60 (Split-Omiš).


Omitted. (Photo: Mario Romulic)

For more information on the Split bus system, be sure to check out the official site of Promise.

To find out more about traveling in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN page.

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