Compulsory Covid testing at airport harms trade and tourism; review it – Mpraeso MP

MP for Mpraeso Constituency in Eastern Region Davis Opoku Ansah is calling on the Ministry of Health to review the COVID-19 testing regime in the country.

Mr. Opoku Ansah is of the opinion that the testing regime harms trade and tourism in the country.

As he appreciates the importance of testing, he insisted it was time for a review.

“It is time for the Ministry of Health to review the COVID testing regime in our country.”

“While it is essential to keep our eyes on the virus, we need to understand that the testing regime is hurting trade and tourism.”

He added that many Ghanaians have been vaccinated against the disease as such the policy should be reviewed.

He thus suggests that anyone who arrives at the airport with proof of vaccination is not subject to the mandatory tests at the airport.

“Today, many Ghanaians have had access to the vaccine, and many more people entering our country have also been vaccinated. We can say that right now we can fight the virus. »

“Therefore, anyone who shows proof of full vaccination should be spared testing at the airport.”

In the meantime, he asks the government to put in place measures at the country’s land borders to allow it to open safely.

“Those who also have a PCR test less than 48 hours old and can use the African Union and Africa CDC’s #TrustedTravel platform, a COVID Pass tool that simplifies verification of public health documents for travelers when exiting and entry across borders, should also be allowed to enter Ghana without going through testing at our ports.

“Again, the government must put measures in place to allow passage with Ghana’s land ports. Our traders, who go to Togo and Nigeria to also trade, must be allowed access. We can also set up the testing regime along these borders. »

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