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New Delhi: The cost of public transport in Kerala has risen slightly since Sunday as recently increased fares came into force. The general public in Kerala from today (May 1) has to shell out more for traveling by bus, car or taxi. After the rise in prices for buses, cars and taxis in Kerala, the state government will probably consider whether the price of student tickets should be increased.Also Read – New Fare Structure to Push Taxis and Auto Fares Higher in Delhi | Full details here

On March 30, the government led by Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala announced that it had decided to increase the minimum fares for travel by bus, autorickshaw, taxi and quadricycle. Check the updated rates of buses, cars and taxis in Kerala here:

Bus fares

The government had said that it had decided to raise the minimum bus fares from Rs 8 to Rs 10 and the subsequent per kilometer charge to Re 1 by 90 paise and to appoint a commission to look into the matter of raising the fares student tickets.

Private bus owners had demanded to raise the minimum fare for the general public from Rs 8 to Rs 12 and the consequent per kilometer charge to Rs 1.10 from 90 paise. They had also wanted the minimum student fee to be increased to Rs 6 and were therefore unhappy with the government’s decision to appoint a commission to look into the matter.

Private bus owners, who had gone on strike for an increase in minimum fares for regular passengers and students, did not welcome the proposed fare increase, saying it was not enough for them continue to provide their services.

Car rates

On March 30, the state government had also decided to raise minimum car fares to Rs 30 for two kilometers from the current rate of Rs 25 for one and a half kilometers. Thereafter, 15 rupees would be charged for each additional kilometer, compared to 12 rupees per km.

Taxi fares

On taxi fares, the state government had said that for cars with an engine capacity of less than 1,500cc, the minimum fare would be increased to Rs 200 for the first 5 kilometers from the existing fare of Rs 175 for 5km. Thereafter, 18 rupees would be charged for each additional kilometer from the going rate of 15 rupees per km, the Kerala government said.

Other Vehicle Rates in Kerala

For vehicles with an engine capacity above 1,500cc, the minimum rate would be increased to Rs 225 for the first 5 kilometers, from the current rate of Rs 200, and thereafter, Rs 20 would be charged for each subsequent kilometer per compared to the prevailing rate. of Rs 17 per km, said the government of Kerala,

The minimum fares for quadricycles would be raised from Rs 30 to Rs 35 and the kilometer charge would rise from Rs 12 to Rs 15. However, there will be no change to the existing standby and overnight travel charges.

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