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The general causes and even the commonalities between road accidents are more or less known as reckless and negligent driving, inexperience and impatience while driving, drunkenness while driving, absence vehicle in good working order, overloading of passengers, false overtaking, poor road maintenance and related illnesses. infrastructure or lack of on-site medical facilities in the event of a traffic accident and, last but not least, no proper traffic regulation and enforcement of traffic discipline by the traffic police. The instructions to the Department of Transport and all other concerned departments of the Government in carrying out an analytical study of road accidents, seem at first sight quite appropriate to know the specific and common causes of these accidents which generally cost valuable human lives but these measures seem to be conceptual , theoretical and exercises to be undertaken on certain events like road safety council meetings / traffic weeks etc. . if later there was no appropriate and results-oriented follow-up.
Whenever a tragic road accident occurs, a “high-level” investigation is instituted to find out the causes and propose preventive measures, after which there is little evidence that corrective measures have been properly taken. Reports are filed and these generally remain confined to the level of a simple formality. Never have such findings been made public let alone the status of an expected report on action taken. What we suggest is a comprehensive approach to achieve increasingly minimized levels of road accidents and their impact, since accidents obviously cannot, under given conditions, be totally avoided. The drastic changes in the Motor Vehicle Act and the penalties prescribed therein for traffic offenses have had a marginal impact on the discipline of traffic culture on the roads, which is a matter of state of mind, which also means that an isolated measure was not enough to solve the problem. We therefore fully agree on the need for “everyone to play a role”, the improvement of associated infrastructure and “general awareness” in addition to “third party road audit”, as some of the key measures articulated at the recently convened meeting of the Road Safety Council. . Only vigorous monitoring and corrective measures in the field can bring quite encouraging results.

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