A sharp increase in public transport in Kiev is on its way

A sharp increase in public transport in Kiev is on its way

Public transport in Kiev is becoming more and more expensive. From now on, the price for single-use tickets will be UAH 8 instead of UAH 20, while for Kiev Card holders the trip will be UAH 12.

Nikolay Povoroznik, deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, said that since the last tariff increase in 2018, factors over which the city administration has no influence have changed significantly, stating : “The current price of public transport does not correspond to the price which should have been economical for a long time. According to calculations of “Kyivpastrans”, the economically favorable tariff for land transport today is 22.30 UAH. According to the calculations of the “Kiev Metro”, the reasonable fare in the metro is 22 UAH. But we understand that this is a huge financial burden for passengers, so one of the tasks when calculating the new fares is to differentiate the cost of the trip with a discount system, ”said the director.

How much will the metro, bus and tram fares cost in Kiev:

  • A journey by public transport (metro, tram, trolleybus, bus) will cost UAH 20 when purchasing a single ticket;
  • In case of payment of the trip with the multifunctional electronic card “Kyivpastrans Card”, the unit cost will be 12 UAH;
  • For passengers who buy a trip by renewing their electronic ticket, the cost of the trip on public transport will vary from 15 to 20 UAH. It will be 50 UAH when purchasing 15 trips and 1 UAH when purchasing 9 to 20 trips;
  • There is also the option to purchase discounted monthly tickets. It starts from 14.20 UAH, depending on the type of ticket;
  • Tickets used for 24 hours, 48 ​​and 72 hours from the moment of activation will also remain in circulation.

Nikolay Povoroznik “After the increase in the price of public transport, the fee for cardholders residing in Kiev (without the right to travel for free) will be 12 UAH, regardless of the number of trips. Passengers using a monthly ticket will pay for journeys between UAH 14.20 and UAH 14.50, depending on the type of transportation card. And passengers using the electronic ticket will pay 15-20 UAH depending on the number of trips purchased. He summed up.

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Stating that the city continues the benefits granted to all categories of socially vulnerable people, Povoroznik said: “Currently, residents of Kiev have the opportunity to purchase trips in advance at a price of 6.50 UAH and use public transport at old prices for a while. “mentioned.

Public discussions in electronic consultation format on the tariff increase procedure, which will last for 15 days, will begin today. New tariffs are expected to be determined as of January 1, 2022.

Source: ukrhaber.com

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