5 useful apps for travelers who like to use public transport

Traveling might be your one true passion, but it can get awkward when trying to navigate an unfamiliar city. This is where apps come in – you can expect easier travel options and better transport alternatives.

We have selected 5 relevant ones that a traveler can use to alleviate transport problems in a city.


The Kerela-based autorickshaw tracking app is set to expand from its headquarters in Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram. In an important country for autorickshaws, this app makes your life easier by connecting the driver to the nearest auto stand rather than an individual driver, reducing the risk of trip cancellation by 5%.

How to use: Tap to request a ride. Enter your destination and find out your fare. Get Tukxi driver and vehicle details and watch your Tukxi arrive at your doorstep, guide it if needed. Hop on board, share your journey with loved ones and pay in cash or any online payment method.

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Available on Android and Apple devices.


Based in Mumbai, the Chalo app is a free live bus tracking app that has now reached up to 23 cities across the country. The app enables mobile user ticketing, live bus tracking and online bus pass generation. Using smart cards or e-wallets, passengers can also top up, buy and renew tickets and bus passes.

How to use: Open the app and choose from 9 languages ​​- English, Hindi, Assamese, Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. Select a city and enter a destination to track a bus near you, book a ticket for it, or get a pass.

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Available on Android and Apple devices.

Jugnoo and Trainman

In conjunction with the IRCTC-approved app Trainman, Jugnoo plans to provide an update in the current app for passengers to separately book round-trip autorikshaws from the station, helping travelers get a way to transportation provided to their hotel rooms in a new city. The app functionality is under development and reportedly available in 35 cities across the country.

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Jugnoo and Trainman are currently available on Android and Apple devices.

red rail

Speaking of innovations and updates, popular bus booking site Redbus has come up with an update, Redrail, in conjunction with IRCTC. You can now book train tickets through the same app. Redbus already has a loyal customer base thanks to an accurate and confirmed bus reservation. After the introduction of Redrail, travelers have another reliable option for train ticket confirmation.

How to use: Log in and click on the Redrail icon. Add location, destination and travel dates to book a train ticket.

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Available on Android and Apple devices

The new BMTC app

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has launched a digital pass system on a pilot basis which will allow passengers to purchase daily, weekly and monthly passes online. They are also working with Namma Metro in Bangalore to issue joint national mobility cards.

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