280,000 S’pore households offered public transport vouchers, which can be used for fare cards

600,000 public transport vouchers available to eligible households

Much to the dismay of commuters, transit fares increased on December 26.

As many Singaporeans depend on buses and trains for getting around, especially the low-income group, they might understandably fear making ends meet.

However, help is on the way in the form of public transport vouchers.

Approximately 280,000 Singaporean households have already been offered these services and they can be used to top up their rate cards.

Each voucher has a value of $ 30

In a press release issued on Monday (January 3), the Department of Transportation (MOT) said each voucher was worth $ 30.

They can be used for:

  1. recharge rate cards
  2. buy monthly passes

A total of 600,000 vouchers will be available, and they must be used by March 31, 2023.

Monthly income limit of $ 1,600 to be eligible

However, not all households in Singapore can get them.

To be eligible for the vouchers, households must have a monthly income not exceeding $ 1,600 per person.

In a Facebook post on Monday (January 3), Transport Minister S. Iswaran said this benchmark was dropped from $ 1,200 per person in the 2019 voucher exercise – which was also the last time. that the tariffs were increased.

This will benefit more households, he added.

This means that a total of 600,000 vouchers are available to eligible households – the largest number ever set aside.

280,000 households should have received letters

Households that received vouchers in 2019 should have already received letters in the mail, advising them to redeem another voucher this time around.

280,000 households reportedly received the letters in December, the transport ministry said.

Those who are eligible but have not yet received a voucher can request one at https://go.gov.sg/ptv from January 10-31 oct..

If they prefer to apply for the vouchers in person, they will have to wait until February 14th to do so at their local community centers / clubs until October 31st.

This also applies to those who need additional help, which will be assessed by Citizen Advisory Committees (CCCs) accordingly.

Those who have successfully applied for vouchers will receive a notification in the mail.

The vouchers will help cope with rising tariffs

Minister Iswaran said the government recognizes that “many households are facing difficult economic circumstances”.

Thus, the vouchers will help households cope with rising public transport fares.

He also assured that “the necessary support” will be provided to help people get through this period.

The minister also noted that around 2 million commuters in Singapore still enjoy subsidized fares of up to 70% less.

In fact, the rates for groups such as students, the elderly and the disabled will only be increased by 1 cent per trip.

There is also no price increase for the monthly concession / travel packages.

Helping households with price increases

It is good that the government recognizes that tariff increases are causing more difficulties for some households and that it is ready to help.

While a one-time rebate of $ 30 on public transportation might not seem like much to those with disposable income, it can be a lot to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Do you think the vouchers help to improve the impact of the price increase? Share your thoughts with us.

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